Our Services

  • Bulk spraying of all road binders from 3000 litre distributors to 30,000 litres

We carry out bulk spraying of most road binders in quantities from 3000 litres to 30,000 litres. Spraying will be carried out by means of one of the Durban-based distributors. These distributors are handled by efficient, experienced operators and drivers; and spraying work is also checked by our sprayer fleet supervisor. Distributors are regularly tested by the Kwa-Zulu Natal Department of Transport Calibration Centre for efficiency and performance and we will ensure that no spraying is carried out unless a valid spraying certificate can be produced to our customer.

  • Slurry sealing services from 2.5m³ capacity to 7.7m³

One of our core functions is Slurry Sealing. We operate up to 5 slurry seal teams, each with its own continuous mix slurrymachine. They vary in size from 2,5m³ to 7.7m³We operate our own emulsion plant and this enables us to supply our teams with quality emulsion on demand.A Slurry Seal normally consists of a mixture of fine aggregate, (crusher dust) stablemix emulsion, water and a filler-cement. (Additives can be added for rapid curing or apolymer-latex for modified slurry.)There are various types of different applications for slurry sealing, also different thicknesses, commonly ranging between 4mm-12mm.Slurry seal can be used as a maintenance treatment or as pre-treatments for existing bituminous surfaces as well as for new surfacing on roads.It can be applied to most surfaces old or new and is safe to use and is applied at ambient temperatures.Slurry sealing is an economical, cost effective solution to preserving your roads and extending the life of existing pavements.It improves appearance and prevents further loss of aggregate on aged surfaces.A slurry seal can be used in conjunction with many other treatments such as cracksealing, pothole patching, edge-break repairs, geo-fabric bidim patching, chip andspray and Cape seals.An added benefit with slurry sealing is that you can seal even through the colder winter months.


Slurry Seal Batch Mix –  (STABLE GRADE EMULSION)
4 X 25ℓ (Container) – Crusher Dust
1 X 25ℓ – Emulsion – Stable Grade
1 X 15l – Water – Before adding dust in the mixer – To avoid aggregate sticking in the mixer
1 X 500g – Cement
Dust Ratio – 2:1 → i.e., 2x fines + 1 x 6,7mm – This will also depend upon required specification

Cold Mix Batch – (CATIONIC PREMIX)
1 X 25ℓ (Container) – 13,2mm Stone
2 X 25ℓ (Container) – 6,7mm Stone
1 X 25ℓ (Container) – River Sand (Coarse)
1 X 5ℓ (Container) – Cationic Premix
Aggregates to be moistened before placed into concrete mixer.
NB: Crusher Dust is not suitable because it consists of too much fines. If no alternative; it has to be sifted of all times. Stockpile can last up to two (2) weeks if covered with tarpaulin.

  • Patching/pothole repairs and Geo-fabric bidim patching
  • Free technical advice and road surveys